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Touch The Web: Touch from scratch


When dealing with JavaScript (particularly jQuery), many of the plugins and libraries do not work as you would’ve expected. Same goes for many everyday problems too. The last resort of the poor man, that can't afford someone else to do things for him, is to do it himself from scratch. As Jesus once said “Do it yourself and god will help you”. This is not the quickest of options and definitely not the easiest, but sometimes it is the only way to make something work the way you want it to. That was the case of moving multiple object simultaneously with touch. Turns out the solution for this particular problem is actually very easy. This purpose of this chapter is mainly to give some positive motivation by point you in…


Touch The Web: Hammer multitouch


What else than a Hammer, the most useful tool in the world, would be the best solution for multi touch on the web. The library hammer.js actually takes the name from the notorious rapper Mc Hammer, spoofing on his famous song “You can't touch this”, but I prefer my interpretation.

This is not the first tutorial for this library, but since I’ve been using it, they released a new version with a lot of changes, which makes this the only tutorial that works with it right now. My goal with this article is to help a total newbie learn the basics of hammer.js and can start right away working on something serious with it.

Lets start with some useful links: hammer homepage with examples, hammer

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Touch The Web: Introduction


With mobile devices flooding the market, web design tries to follow the trends and adapt to the new technologies. Most of the time the wrong way. I am talking about mobile versions of websites that deprive the user of the full content of the page or pointless standalone apps. The right way would be using responsive web design methods just to adapt the size of the page to the media that it’s running on. I’ll talk about this in detail soon in a article about Sussy responsive grids for Compass. This is going to be a 3 part series of articles, on how to take advantage of touch technologies on web sites. I’ll focus on the results of my experience with this technology and what to use and how.