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Multiple Firefox taskbar icons

When developing websites, having a separate browser is a must. I like to use Firefox for all my web browsing needs. For everyday use because it just has the best interface and the best extensions. For web developing tho I could use Chrome, but I just can’t make the switch from Firebug. In order to have my workspace organized and efficient therefore I need to have 2 firefox icons pinned to my Windows 8 taskbar (one for each profile). This wasn’t a problem in the early days of Windows 7, when every opened Firefox profile had a separate ID.But then the guys at Mozilla changed that and I had to have a separate web development shortcut in my start menu. Obviously the two instances of Firefox were grouped together on the taskbar which was inconvenient, but I lived with it. Now on windows 8 the start menu is gone and I’ve decided that I want my 2 icons back.

I’ve summed up content from different sources and issues I solved on my own into this simple step by step tutorial. None of the linked programs are my work, but I use them and I can guarantee that they work and are safe to use. Also, as this is crucial for my workflow, I can promise, that I will keep this post up to date.

This is the end result:


Follow these simple steps:

  • Unpin all Firefox shortcuts from your taskbar.
  • Create a separate Firefox profile (run firefox thro a shortcut with the parameter -p added to the target path in the file properties), use only one word for the profile name (important for console command). Mine is called “Web”.
  • Download this and put it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\extensions, run Firefox and enable this extension. Do that on both profiles (you can enable it on the second one later).
  • Create a shortcut to the “Web” firefox profile, by adding  -p "Web" -no-remote to the shortcut target in the file properties.
  • Move this shortcut in a folder (like c:\ffs\ use 1 short word for easier console input)  with this program.
  • Run the windows console (win button->type: cmd, press enter) and go to the folder c:\ffs.
  • Run this command Win7AppId1.1 "firefox Web.lnk" Mozilla.Firefox.Web, to get a shortcut that launches Firefox with a different ID to the default one. IMPORTANT: The Firefox profile name must be the same as the last word of the new ID name (Mozilla.Firefox.Web).
  • Drag the icon to the taskbar, run firefox.exe and pin it as well. Job done.

This is obviously written so that you get 2 icons with 2 profiles running, you can make as many as you need with the same process. For additional explanations, questions, suggestions... leave a comment below.

23 Oct 2012 at 15:43