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Elia Cuk

08 Apr 2013
08 Apr 2013
08 Apr 2013

After a long time full with small complications, mostly not on my part, the website for the italian bike shop Elia Cuk is up and running. It's a small business that is actually the only bike shop left in the city of Gorizia. So it basically has no competition, that is the reason they didn't bother updating their terrible website for over 10 years. But now they want to make a little step in the 21st century. The site was online for a while actually, but I was waiting for it to fill up with content and really take off before posting anything about it. Everything is far from what I would wanted, but life is all about compromises. I think in the end it came out great.

Lets first talk about the store and its name, that probably sounds unusual to anybody reading this. Elia Cuk is actually the name of the founder of the company. The current owners bought the shop and kept the name that was locally well known. The shop is actually well known as "Cuk" or "Čuk" which is actually a typical Slovenian last name that means awl :). Even tho the owners back then know the name was important, they know very little about marketing. Hence the very confusing reverse domain name and logo. Noone types urls anyway. Maybe one day the will rebrand it all into just Cuk. When it comes to bikes, they definitely know their business. That is proven by the fact, that their shop is the only one in town that is still open and successful.

Now lets move on to the website itself. I wanted something simple, clans, sharp and straight to the point. As I've recently become obsessed with typography, I’ve decided to go with a more typographic design. The logo design was an idea that came to me after various attempts of making something out of the existing logo they have and want to keep it. What I came up is a hidden "logo" and the incorporation of the existing logo in the footer. I took advantage of some CSS3 features like custom fonts and drop shadows. In the end I’ve decided to break the monotony with a few little details that are fully visible only on big screen resolutions. As most of my project, the site will be maintained and improved if necessary.

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