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25 May 2012
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25 May 2012
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25 May 2012
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I always wanted to make my own font. My opinion on fonts used to be: “Making a font, how hard can it be?” and I was right, it isn’t. But making a good one is a whole nother story. Picking a typography class was the motivation I needed to give it a try. As the web is my main field, I’ve decided to make a font for a website I am going to build for my master's thesis. It’s about html5, so adding a costume font falls right into it.


The name “Dila” basically means nothing, I wanted a female name that looks and sounds cool and I couldn’t come up with anything better before the deadline. Dila is a humanist sans serif font mainly designed for titles and other highlighted areas of a website.

25 May 2012 at 14:31