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Back on rails 3.2!

The curse has finally been lifted! I was starting to believe there is a higher power preventing me from bringing the website back online. It was supposed to be online months ago with this slight concept change and also the web technology update to the latest version of Rails.


I think this new concept with posts that adapt based on the content will better suit my needs. The post can now be shared on facebook and twitter and everything will now be labeled with tags. On top of that I’ve also implemented a spam preventing mechanism for comments, which I hope will stop the annoying spam bots.  There are lots of other smaller changes, mostly in the background of the site. Many of them will allow future improvements that I am planning to implement ASAP.


What I can say for certain is that the redesign will continue primarily in the still untouched areas of the page. Some things that are missing (like the tweets feed) will return in a new format and new features like the already implemented search will be enabled.

22 May 2012 at 10:42