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Akismet and spam is no more!

The previous iteration of this site had lots of problems with spam comments. It came to the point, that I had to disable all commenting. On the new version of the site I’ve implemented a spam stopping sistem with Akismet. It’s a nice free to use (for personal use only) service that checks the presence of spam for you. For this to work with Rails I use Rakismet, a Ruby gem that makes the process as painless as possible.

Here I want to take a moment and thank Akismet and Rakismet for saving this site from the spam invasion. All it took was a few reports and the spam is no more (hopefully for good).

I think the Rakismet documentation and the Akismet Railscast should suffice to anyone attempting to implement something similar.  If someone shows interest, I am prepared to write a short tutorial, but at this point I don't find that necessary.

29 Jul 2012 at 16:42