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My adventure in advertising concludes with the testing environment Adventurer. I needed a realistic test environment, and then came the idea of making a mockup resembling all those big news web sites that basically live of the ad revenue and that the content of the fake articles should be all the data about the user that a website can obtain. This was one of those brilliant ideas, that you think will be done in no time, but it actually takes forever to complete.
The page is designed in a similar way as The Web Laboratory using the mobile-first developing philosophy. On top of that, there is some cutout JavaScript that serves the right ads according to the user’s device type. The logo is a SVG image and all the other graphic features are done entirely with CSS.

Note to all the stalkers: all the data on the images is done locally and does not correspond to my actual location.

09 Feb 2014
Big scren view
09 Feb 2014
Normal screen view
09 Feb 2014
Mobile screen view
09 Feb 2014

09 Feb 2014 at 21:19

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Maximilian Marrero
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