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Elia Cuk

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The secret of what people want


There is no short answer, or correct one for that matter, but there are some patterns. It's basic marketing 101, that people want what they can't have, what they friend or neighbor has, what society says the want...  Inspired by Andrew Kim road to success, by criticising Microsofts awful design, I've decided to write my view on the stupidity of asking people what they want. Because in reality people don't know what they want until they see it. It's the designers job is to make something that people would want and is on the marketing guys job  to sell it. Basically what I want to say is that all the research that companies like M$ do are rather pointless. If you try to design something by asking people what…

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Thinking Sphinx on Windows


Setting up a search engine in your rails application is quite simple in theory. All you need is a few short lines of code and the right gem. The problem usually occurs when installing the engine itself, especially on windows, as usual. What follows is a short guide on how to make sphinx work with mysql on windows, with some tips and useful links. I used to develop my search on my linux vps because of it. Then I tried Sunspot and life was beautiful, until it screw everything up... I blame the evil Java and my self, for even consider. using it. Now I am back on Sphinx and I even make it work on windows. Here is how.


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Firefox for twitter

Multiple Firefox taskbar icons


When developing websites, having a separate browser is a must. I like to use Firefox for all my web browsing needs. For everyday use because it just has the best interface and the best extensions. For web developing tho I could use Chrome, but I just can’t make the switch from Firebug. In order to have my workspace organized and efficient therefore I need to have 2 firefox icons pinned to my Windows 8 taskbar (one for each profile). This wasn’t a problem in the early days of Windows 7, when every opened Firefox profile had a separate ID.But then the guys at Mozilla changed that and I had to have a separate web development shortcut in my start menu. Obviously the two instances of Firefox were grouped together…


Akismet and spam is no more!


The previous iteration of this site had lots of problems with spam comments. It came to the point, that I had to disable all commenting. On the new version of the site I’ve implemented a spam stopping sistem with Akismet. It’s a nice free to use (for personal use only) service that checks the presence of spam for you. For this to work with Rails I use Rakismet, a Ruby gem that makes the process as painless as possible.

Here I want to take a moment and thank Akismet and Rakismet for saving this site from the spam invasion. All it took was a few reports and the spam is no more (hopefully for good).

I think the Rakismet documentation and the Akismet